"The key to making conservation successful is making it profitable." ~Rhett A. Butler, mongabay.com

Q: Why a "for profit" organization instead of a non-profit?
A: Operating an organization that actually PURCHASES large parcels of real rainforest land (initially focussing mainly on land in Peru and Brazil) on an accelerated basis requires much more ongoing funding than a typical non-profit entity can afford. Operating as a business, we can offer individuals the opportunity to OWN actual land (with certain restrictions, of course), as well as carry out other eco-friendly operations that help save the environment, and most importantly, continue to purchase and preserve REAL RAINFOREST land until every acre remaining has been protected. It takes a large amount of funding to employ attorneys, administrators, managers, and so on, to allow an operation of this magnitude to continue its efforts well into the future.

Q: Wouldn't the rainforest just be there years from now anyway? Why buy land in the rainforest?
A: The parent company of ownforest.com, Warrior Earth, LLC, has International Patents Pending on a process that purchases rainforest land that is actually FOR SALE. There is a 60% chance that the land we purchase would be CLEARED by a cattle rancher or soybean farmer WITHIN THE NEXT YEAR. Additionally, most of these ranchers and farmers do not have the resources to clear the land by mechanical means, so they BURN IT. This not only destroys the rainforest, killing everything in the path of the fire, it also emits multiple tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. WE ARE AGGRESIVELY STOPPING THIS CARELESS RAINFOREST CLEARING at the source, by purchasing these plots BEFORE they are cleared.

Q: Why don't I just go down to Peru or Brazil and buy land in the rainforest?
A: This task requires quite a heavy toll to accomplish: years of study and research, Peruvian and Brazilian contacts and relationships, American AND South American attorney teams plus large amounts of capital for land purchase. Additionally, real estate transactions in Peru and Brazil are nowhere similar to those in the United States. They are highly tedious and take a great amount of work and money. It is not a feasible solution for most people. The good news is that OWNFOREST.COM has ALREADY gone through these processes and made the investment of time and capital...thus already making a significant impact on the deforestation issue facing our planet. And now ANYONE can OWN a real piece of the rainforest with just a few keystrokes on our website.

A: A LARGE TILE consists of approximately 1/8 acre of rainforest (75' X 75') or 5600 Sq. Feet of land. Smaller sizes are also available. More specific information can be found HERE

Q: How much does a TILE cost?
A: The current price for a 5600 SQFT Tile is only $100.00 USD. Smaller sizes are also available such as 350 SQFT for $10.00

Q: How is it possible for ownforest.com to sell rainforest land at such a low price?
A: The parent company of ownforest.com, Warrior Earth, LLC, buys endangered rainforests in large parcels which greatly reduces the average price per acre. We pass this savings on to our customers. Non-profit organizations can’t do this due to insufficient funds.

Q: Why would I want to buy RAINFOREST TILES?
A: To save the rainforest, for starters. Now you can OWN a part of the Rainforest and PROTECT it from tragic devastation. This is not a symbolic sponsorship, you will actually get a legal deed and be registered as the property owner. TILES make great birthday and anniversary gifts. TILES can be bought with e-check or a credit card in seconds, and come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Q: Can I build a vacation home on my RAINFOREST TILE or TILES?
A: No, for several reasons. 1) The Title you receive as a TILE owner is deed restricted to prohibit building any kind of man-made structures. 2) Rainforest TILES sold by ownforest.com are located in remote regions of the planet. It is not financially practical to transport building supplies, workers, and food into or out of a TILE. 3) Human occupation of a conservation TILE for even a short time would begin to disrupt the wildlife and plant life of that TILE and surrounding TILES. See Terms and Conditions

Q: How long do I own the land for?
A: Your title deed is valid for 10 years. After that period, ownership reverts back to the Warrior Earth Company.

Q: How can I be sure that my RAINFOREST TILE will never have its trees cut down?
A: The patented ownforest.com system of TILE buying is self policing. Every time a TILE is purchased, the new owner receives up-to-date satellite imagery of their rainforest TILE. With thousands of TILES being purchased, (and viewed world wide) it is virtually impossible for anyone to go in and strip the land unnoticed. If foul-play is suspected, there is a toll-free hotline (877-427-1687) to call at ownforest.com for reporting any suspicious activities that might be noticed from the satellite photos.

Q: What is a Carbon Credit?
A: Carbon credits are like certificates that represent a reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Projects that prevent the generation of greenhouse gases or remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere earn these credits, which can in turn then be "sold" to other businesses and individuals to "offset" the emissions they generate. Rainforest Tiles™ remove carbon dioxide from the earth’s atmosphere and release oxygen.

Q: Is there a minimum age requirement to buy TILES?
A: Yes. TILE Owners must be at least 13 years of age. Customers under age 13 can be named as Successor Owner. A parent or legal guardian must agree to the Terms and Conditions, and be named as the Owner of the TILE until the minor reaches age 18.

Q: Would Warrior Earth ever cut down trees for the health of the forest?
A: Warrior Earth, LLC (the parent company of ownforest.com) invests in research and development of high-tech sustainable harvesting equipment and technologies, such as patent-pending No-Roads-Harvesting, and other highly advanced techniques. Using advanced Warrior technology, fewer trees per acre would be harvested, with very-low or near-zero collateral damage to the surrounding forest. The result is a healthy forest that lives on and on. When these operations are implemented, they will be conducted on other (Non-TILE) parcels of land that Warrior Earth owns.


Warrior Earth President Paul Stoner stands outside official company office in Peru.

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